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Specialty Services Offerings

Outside General Counsel:

We serve as the lead executive dealing with all aspects of legal and business affairs for early stage and emerging media companies.  Our advisors interact with senior executives from finance, sales, human resources and operations to guide the client’s growth and help them achieve their business goals.  Where necessary, we engage other outside legal professionals and manage their efforts to achieve efficient results on behalf of our clients.  When serving in this capacity, our team approach leads to better results because we can staff around the typical legal “bottleneck” most organizations face when they staff the general counsel / business affairs function in-house.

Business Development Services:

We leverage our deep pool of senior level contacts and connections to a wide variety of media professionals to help our clients develop and execute on new business initiatives. We help to create value through innovative deal structures designed to create business that will stand the test of time through diversified revenue streams and solid fiscal foundations. We help to create management teams that can execute against a plan and achieve results that exceed expectations.

Distribution Counsel:

We compliment our client’s executive team and affiliate sales professionals by providing a multidimensional perspective that encompasses our work on behalf of distributors, new networks and emerging media companies. Our advisors have helped clients add over sixty million (60,000,000) revenue generating subscribers and have been a part of launching or re-launching over seventeen (17) cable networks and online properties.

Cable Network Affiliation Agreements:

Our advisors have extensive experience in the nuances of agreements with traditional multichannel video distributors (e.g. Comcast, Time Warner Cable, the National Cable Television Cooperative, Charter Communications, Cox Communications, DIRECTV, Dish, AT&T etc…). We have established relationships and credibility with senior executives and can cut through the difficult issues such as new media rights / authentication, MFN, complex economic terms and difficult product issues. We also understand the impact that emerging online platforms (e.g. YouTube, HULU, Netflix, iTunes etc…) have on such relationships and can advise clients as to the best industry practices in managing this complex distribution landscape.

Most Favored Nation Management, Audit and Revenue Assurance:

We assist networks in complying with some of the most troublesome and business impacting requirements imposed by distributors by providing privileged analysis, financial validation and best in class compliance protocols designed to bolster revenue recognition decisions and validate management decisions.

Sports Rights

We are involved in the marketplace and understand the premium associated with high-end sports rights and know how to maximize that value in a multiplatform and multi-jurisdictional environment.


We negotiate signal carriage and transport facilities utilizing various forms of technology with an understanding of the client’s needs and an eye toward industry standards concerning service availability and redundancy.

Corporate Structuring:

We counsel our clients on structures designed to achieve long term growth and the flexibility to evolve as the company grows. We associate top experts in private equity and media regulation to ensure that structures are designed to grow with changing business requirements.

Expert Witness:

Given our depth of experience on as former distributor employees and advisors to major programming conglomerates, our credentials and expertise provide a solid foundation for compelling professional testimony.

Litigation Management:

We bring the full force of our years of expertise to manage litigation effectively with a focus on results and cost efficiency. We adhere to budgets diligently and require litigation staff to maintain the best practices in discovery, trial prep and witness management. We utilize our network of media professionals to cultivate compelling expert witnesses and leverage our experience in the media business to formulate settlement structures that achieve our client’s goals.

Mediation Services:

Our attorneys have experience in bridging the “paranoia gap” and bringing sides together for mutual benefit. Because our advisors understand both the mediation process and the business realities that underlie high-value content agreements, our perspective cultivates agreements that avoid public controversy and allow productive business relationships to continue uninterrupted.

Trademark Portfolio Management:

We assist US based and international clients in the development and management of large trademark portfolios interfacing directly with the USPTO and drawing on top expertise to make difficult decisions concerning key assets.

Digital Rights Management:

We work hand in glove with client technology teams to assure contractual compliance, negotiate protections that meet up-stream licensing requirements and protect valuable content to the greatest extent technology will allow.

Private Equity Financing:

We specialize in carriage for equity styled transactions along with service for equity and in-kind contributions.

Production Agreements:

Because we have visibility at every stage of the distribution chain, we structure agreements to reserve and occupy rights in a strategic manner so as to achieve product goals in a multi-platform world.

Music Licensing:

We offer both a technical and practical perspective on the complex and constantly evolving world of music licensing.

Advertising and Interactive TV:

We understand the key metrics that underlie the modern advertising environment and craft relationships that leverage technology.